Okay, I awoke this morning after having not slept much the night before (staying up on E2 and early morning phone calls didn't help either) and talked to my boss' assistant who had no idea what she was doing, but wanted to confirm my work schedule. I played guitar for about 45 minutes or so, messing around with my guitar processor, rearranging the effects and creating some new ones. My cousin came over and we talked for awhile. Today was my day off, so I was planning to spend the day with my girlfriend, but unfortunately she wasn't treating me very nicely over the phone and I pondered just staying home. I decided that because it was my day off I didn't want to waste it, so I called some other friends who wanted to do stuff as well and got us all together with my girlfriend (My friends acted as a buffer so I wouldn't have to spend to much time with my girlfriend). Two of my friends, my girlfriend, the exchange student from France living with my girlfriend, and I went to a park and hung out for a long time and waded around in a kiddie pool. Okay, so I did that alone while they watched, but that's okay. Afterwards we took one friend home because he had play rehearsal and the rest of us went out for cake. We all then went to my girlfriend's house and lied on her hall floor and talked. By this time I was no longer annoyed with my girlfriend. Earlier she had made me feel taken for granted, etc. but by this time we were getting along better. We had dinner there and later we all went home.

It probably seems like I don't belong with this girlfriend, but actually we get along great and we are best friends. Every once in awhile she can start taking advantage of me (especially because I drive her everywhere), but normally we get along great. We've been going out for around 19 months and love each other greatly.

Well, that's all for tonight. Goodnight.