Food is almost universally recognised as being a Good Thing. It provides nutrients and energy, and without it, life cannot exist. All food is essentially accumulated solar energy; if human beings could synthesise sunlight directly, the world would probably be a paradise.

Along with shelter, sex, and medicine, food, and the pursuit of same, has been one of the most important driving forces of civilisation. Food is still a fundamental commodity in many parts of the world; people will kill for it, go to war for it, sell their souls for it, and deny it to others in order to advance themselves.

Amongst human beings, the most popular foodstuffs are fruit, rice, bread, and meat, in no particular order. A full list of all foodstuffs, including mixtures and preparations, is beyond the scope of this entry.

Alone of nature's creations, only a few human beings believe that food is unimportant - these people call themselves 'breatharians' and are a good example of how too much thinking can sometimes be bad.

Too little food leads to starvation and death; too much leads to obesity and guilt.