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The company who (most notably) do the dubbing of Dragonball Z. They're responsible for the degree of censorship which has pissed a lot of people off. Pros and cons of this:


  • Made Dragonball/Z/GT very well known, and hugely increased it's fanbase. I for one would never have discovered the show (or how much I like anime) without this input.
  • It's easier (debatably) to watch television in your native language. And some people don't care for subtitles. This is well-covered at the node Subtitled or Dubbed?


  • Seriously censored. No swearing, beer becomes "sports drink" or some such, blood is edited out, the most severely censored aspect is violence. In an action/fighting type show - is that a Good Idea? In several places scenes are so badly cut the story doesn't make sense anymore. People go from vertical to horizonal (and injured) without anything in between. Grrr.
  • The voice acting. Most noticeable post-first season. Freeza sounds like an old woman, King Kai/Kaio-sama has an incredibly irritating lisp, and the voices are generally laughable. IMHO.
  • Dialogue! Argh! Almost everything Freeza/Frieza says is completely inane, Stupid phrases have been inserted and I strongly suspect the dialogue has been written to fit syllables to the way their mouths move. Maddening. I'm aware the subtitled versions probably aren't exact translations, but god damn, What they're really saying isn't anywhere near that stupid.

Hooray for subtitles!
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