Easy Chicken Marsala


Chicken (usually several breasts or tenders)
Sliced Mushrooms
Marsala Wine

Melt the butter over fairly high heat in a skillet or frying pan. Add the chicken. Add a decent quantity of sliced mushrooms. Allow to cook untill one side of the chicken is browned. Flip and stir chicken and mushrooms. Add Marsala wine (to taste, or to the amount of sauce desired). Allow chicken to finish cooking. Serve with veggies, noodles, or anything your heart desires.

Note: the key to this recipe is the butter. Your sauce is dependent on having enough butter. A Marsala sauce without enough butter will end up tasting like wine, which is not the desired result. This is not for heart-smart, low fat cooks. Though it is healthier than spaghetti carbonara, or anything deep-fried.