The School of Visual Arts is located in New York City, more specifically 209 East 23rd Street. SVA is the largest private art college in the United States. There are 2778 undergraduate students and 314 graduate students.

SVA offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in the following four-year programs: advertising/graphic design, art education, computer art, film, video/animation, fine arts, illustration/cartooning, interior design, and photography.

SVA offers a Master of Fine Arts Degree in the following two-year programs: computer art, design, fine arts, illustration as visual essay, and photography and related media.

The final degree offered by SVA is the degree of Master of Professional Studies in art therapy.

37% of freshman applicants enroll at SVA. Undergraduate enrollment breakdown (as of 2001): Advertising and Graphic Design- 805 Illustration and Cartooning- 404 Photography- 389 Film and Video- 343 Fine Arts- 311 Computer Art- 272 Animation- 196 Interior Design- 58

Graduate enrollment breakdown (as of 1999): Fine Arts- 75 Photography and Related Media- 75 Illustration as Visual Essay- 35 Design- 33