I got a letter!

I got a letter from the TV Licencing people (who, here in Britain, make you pay £104 for a licence to watch TV, except that only goes to the BBC) to tell me that I Do Not Have A TV Licence. And also that, should I continue to not own a TV licence, the next time I was to hear from them would be a request for a £2000 fine. Great.

Fine, even.

But the problem is, was, and forever shall be, this:

I Don't Own A TV.

The idea that somebody on the list of People Who Don't Own TV Licences would include Dangerous Deviants that don't own a TV (What! You don't want to watch EastEnders? Watchdog is passing you by? The only reason I would own a TV is The Simpsons and Channel 4, which doesn't get money if I do this anyway) simply hasn't occurred to them.

I tell a lie, it has. There is a subsection of the handy form they give you that says "If you don't have a TV, fill in this form".


I have to fill in a form for the TV licencing people to say I *don't* have a TV? But it's got nothing to do with them! Argh! No! Confusion!