Yes is a band that is progressive in a way that is real and not pretentious like many of those who follow the progressive rock movement seem to prefer. I have heard more tales of woe from those who proclaim that they prefer progressive bands and in the same breath wail over the fact that Yes is ever-changing. As a note, 90125 is no less "progressive" than Relayer because it is considered more commercial. Unfortunately many who want progressive bands also want those bands to be static and stagnant.

Yes has gone through many changes and explored many paths and in some instances experienced growing pains, which will happen to any that chose to be dynamic. But in every way they continue to grow as a group. Currently the sound that is Yes is very similar to the sound they had when they began but much matured over the 30 years they've been professionally producing music.

The music is driven by bassist Chris Squire on stage and off. He is the only member to have worked on every album and is often referred to as the "keeper of the flame." This also refers to the way he finds new talent to bring to the band, including such members as Trevor Rabin and Igor Khoroshev. Jon Anderson has performed on all but one album, in which he was replaced with singer Trevor Horn.

Members have included Peter Banks, Geoff Downes, Trevor Horn, Patrick Moraz, Rick Wakeman, Bill Bruford, Trevor Rabin, Billy Sherwood and Igor Khoroshev. Most of their album covers and many of their sets have been designed by the artist Roger Dean who is famous for his album covers and rock art. Currently the band's lineup is Jon Anderson, Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White. They are now in studio working on their latest album and recently conducted a poll to find out if their fans would prefer to have an orchestra on their next tour, which resulted in a nearly even split with the ayes garnering 49% of the vote.

They have a wonderful and visually stunning website at from which you can access pictures of the band, the individual members' own sites, the fan newsletter, their full discography as well as complete lyrics, the latest news and tour information. They also will sometimes list contests and participation events such as the recent voting for the playlist for their recent Masterworks tour and voting for or against the orchestra.