The 1973 video of the 1973 Yes concert during their Close to the Edge tour. Features the band immediately after Bill Bruford left the band, leaving Alan White to learn a whole new set of songs in one day before playing them before arenas. The keyboard solo given by Rick Wakeman is terrible IMHO. No one wants to hear a Christmas song medley. Although the video features many of Yes' popular songs, I wish they played some more obscure songs, since these can be heard in practically every concert (including their new video recorded in Las Vegas House of Blues). The band, most likely due to Alan White's new role as time-keeper, cannot keep a proper beat during very complicated parts of the songClose to the Edge. But this is a moot point, since playing that song is an incredible feat. The video is very old and dated and terrible film and sound quality. Nevertheless, it is a must for any Yes fan. The video features:

Your Move/All Good People
The Clap
And You and I
Close to the Edge
Yours is No Disgrace

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