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I am Andara Bledin.

I am many things, one of them being an empath of indeterminate ability.

My main home can be found at (not updated in forever)

For those too lazy to actually read my Tripod home and just want to see my pics, go to
and follow the links. And yes, the capitalization is important.

I am also 22746352 on ICQ. (not even installed right now, but will be again sometime soon... er... soonish)


I have a Furry Code. You can have one too (or find out what mine means) at

My code is: FE[alicorn]wmpu3admrw A>+++ C++ D++ H++ M+ P++ R+ T+ W>++++ Z Sf++ RLRB a+ cmw++ d e+ f++ h+++ iwf+ j+ p sf++

This rune was uttered by eponymous in the Chatterbox upon my being blasted with a rocket launcher by GanstaFeelsGood, who took exception to my proclaiming myself "mostly indestructable."

ia ia cthulhu ftagn! Andara arise!
Ia ia yog-sothoth habeus corpus! Melnibone Titus! Andronicus! Hare Rama Hare Rama Guru Vishnu!
Melnibone! Cthulhu Ftagn! Wall Wall Washington!
La deee la dee la dee abracapocus! La dee la dee la dee hocus cadabra!

D'OH! Need.... stronger ... rune

A piece of you will be with me always.

Pieces I've collected so far:

  • a bit of leftover matter collected after I healed from being blasted with a rocket launcher by GFG
  • a bit of Gamaliel's exploded head
  • some of slide's misted brain
  • a piece of GangstaFeelsGood's ass
  • one of kamamer's shot-out eyes
  • a bit of Xamot's exploded head
  • a bit of slide's exploded head
  • a splod'd bit of lawnjart
  • a bit of Whipster's exploded head
  • mordel's heart, freely given in person! {smile}
  • a piece of siouxsie's heart, cut out by GFG
  • Iconoplast's left pinky, gnawed off by Iconplast after being begged for a donation and before escaping risk of 'splosion by running off to the park
  • a bit of randir after exploding. just exploding
  • an itty-bitty slice of Derfel, courtesy of donfreenut
  • a bit of arcanamundi's exploded brain with a bit of cyrillic on it
  • a piece of QXZ, because "there's enough QXZ to go around"
  • a piece of Nesdroc's exploded brain which was given me by the very kind arcanamundi
  • a bit of Domin's brain, which exploded due to an overdose of miscelaneous knowledge from the catbox
  • a bit of grundoon's a sploded head
There's an awful lot of head-explodey going on in the Chatterbox...
Here begins a collection of the strangedst utterences I've noted in the Chatterbox.

"hey-- i'm doing all i can to be poor" - Jennifer
"Dyde th' users shyte thre grete toordes in yer garden, anotherone?" - dannye
"All I know, Munchkin, is that Tom Petty is uglier than a man's butt. And he ain't aging well, either." - dannye
"amen, brother! aye think'll sket thy ontological discussion n'proceed directly tae th'njection ov harrrd drrugs" - legbagede
"Cowboy Bebop is NOT puerile!!! It is jazzy and cool and suffused with lemon-lime syrup! And it has man-boobs on saxophonists! So there!" - WolfDaddy
"That Poop boy am got no nootrishional value. He am run thru me like Klaproth's X-Lax brownies." - EDB
"OXFORD TURNS MAN INTO DICKHEAD, film at 11" - witchiepoo
"oh man one time cobra commander was spinning and my brain started spinning and then it fell out. of my head. no word a lie." Cletus the Foetus
"CtF: vo vo vo! vaise ze vwoof, vo! von-two-von-two.." loquacious
"HEY BABE *grabs dannye's left butt cheek* YOU BEEN WORKIN OUT? *hic*" mkb
"mmm,asshole juice and granola. chunkeriffic! breakfast of champions!" loquacious "WHOA BILLY! FIERY SWORD OF GOD IN MY PANTS! Get ready for some hot dirty WRATHSEX" Cow Of Doom
"Dude, check me out. I'm like a little otter, a sexy little otter!" Wuukiee
"I found some Abe Lincoln/George Washington bondage drawings on the internet once." moosemanmoo
"IRONY" LaggedyAnne

EDB speaks to me when all is quiet... And this is what he says (and does, too. I think he's coming on to me):
  • EDB tries to bite your toe (x2)
  • EDB hungry! (x4)
  • EDB says: grrrrr... (x7)
  • EDB says: mmmm Andara food
  • EDB: you feel its eyes watching you (x4)
  • EDB smells blood
  • EDB sneaks up behind you
  • EDB starts eating your hair (x2)
  • EDB: Andara looks tasty (x2)
  • EDB is watching you (x2)
Alas, it seems that EDB no longer speaks to me. For this, I am very sad.
Friends don't let friends node drunk. And here's an example or two why:
  • fuckin hell.; I promised I would never do this again.. But I did. I am drunk and pressed the wrong button. Ack. Please delete this
(if you're stuff gets up here and you want it gone, /msg me and I'll nuke it till it glows)
To nodespace, or not to nodespace. That is the question.
There are many camps on this subject. Notably, there is, this side with a very strong argument. Then, in opposition is this side.
If you have noded lyrics, or television show episode scripts, or if you have noded foods or drinks, you will have had to choose your title. The node that caused this to be an issue in my awareness was my own for my favorite SoBe flavor.
I read both sides again and find that I am still against namespacing. As I understand it, Everything2 is against the concept of separating ideas of the same name, no matter the diversity of what that name may mean. If you want to see an example of a node that has a lot of diversity for a single name, you could look at another one of my entries.
One idea where namespacing would actually seem useful is in the noding of episodes of tv shows. But it is an illusion. Episodes should by noded by their titles, regardless of the series' to which they belong. As for the problem of a fan being unable to find the episode without knowing the title, but knowing the show, that is properly handled with a metanode. The metanode would have a name such as "Babylon 5 Episode Guide" and then each episode would be named with a short synopsis of the action and hardlinked to the actual script.

end of line

I am Andara Bledin.

(origin has been ret-conned to remove all the plagiarism - update forthcoming)

the noder bookmarks below mean I'm either jealous or I consider them friends.