It has been such an odd week.

I start off working the last bit of the convention without much of a voice, and abusing what little I had. I admit it. I talk too much. But dinner on Monday night with Nekojin was nice and I get home and into bed fairly early. Well, early for me anyway.

Tuesday I would have called in sick, but my voice is as bad as ever so I nudge my husband and he calls in for me. I sleep til 1pm, which does wonders and I eventually get up. By mid afternoon I feel vaguely competent and hie myself to the doctor's to see if there's anything particularly wrong with me. The nurse at the front desk asks me if I called for an appointment. She can't understand me when I'm standing in front of her wheezing away, but she doesn't seem to understand why my trying to call for an appointment would have been rather pointless. I want to slap her, but it's not my style and would be bad karma, and likely would make it difficult for me to get an appointment with the doctor. Luckily, he has an opening.

I see the doctor, he takes a sample, tells me that he's going to give me some penicillin in case I have something like strep but says it's likely just a complication from my chronic sinus troubles and cold, dry, air-conditioned air just like I thought. I never got a call from the lab, so I don't have anything, so I stopped taking the penicillin. It was just a complication from my sinuses. I'm used to it. Mostly.

I have many addictive tendancies. Most of them are focused on the internet in general and chatting in particular. Did I mention I talk too much? E2 is not good for my work ethic. I have spent most of the last 7 days at work chatting and noding. This is not good and I'm not proud. Although today I did manage to get a lot of work done as well and took care of some business I'd been putting off. But I'm going to have to stop it. I know my boss is very fond of my regular output, but if I get caught chatting on company time again, I'll be on a very short leash, and I don't need that again. My willpower is nearly non-existant.

On a lighter note, I can almost speak normally again. For me that's a necessity. I'm tired of sounding like a frog-princess or a refugee from a cheesey Saturday morning cartoon. Plus it really puts a damper on my singing in my car on the way home. People probably wouldn't look at me as strangely if there was a radio in my car. I'm going to have to get one of those eventually.

Today was "forest fire" day at work, and I seem to be the only one with a hose. Makes me wonder what was wrong with the people in from the fire department. Ok, so I know there were only there to check on the sprinkler system, but still. Oh, and it turns out that the valve is mandated to be painted red while the hydrant must be yellow. The valve was red originally, but the fire department made us paint it yellow. Now we have to paint it back. Viva la bureaucracy. Luckily, my bucket was big enough for the entire day and no emergency went un-hosed.

I was supposed to do laundry tonight. Actually I was supposed to do laundry Tuesday night, but I still haven't done it. I won't be going anywhere this weekend, so it doesn't matter if I wear some of my jeans a second time, but still, it would be nice to not have to search for clean panties.

I've been so apathetically lazy this week. Can't even manage to get to all my "fun" stuff. Still have comics unread from Wednesday. My email has languished for two days now, with only the blockstackers email being read. I haven't even managed to report my spam through SpamCop. I'm even finding it hard to finish this daylog.

Maybe I need to start getting more sleep. And less E2. Or maybe not.