Today I fell in love again with the most wonderful man in the world. He has succeeded in tearing down every wall I have built around my heart. He has made me laugh and cry in the same instant. When I think about him I think about the time to come and the fun that I know that we'll have. I think about the times that I want to some day share with him. The love that I hope will only continue to grow and bond us more and more each day.

( I have never felt this way about any of my other boyfriends. The love started out feeling a lot like the love I had for my x-fiancé Chris. But unlike with Chris it has grown to a strength that sometimes scares me. )

God has sent me an angel to watch over me and love me. An angel I never thought I'd find. Now I don't know how I could ever bear to watch him walk away. I pray that he never does. For with out his touch I would fall through the clouds I walk on and plummet down to the depths below. With out his love a shadow of darkness would cover the world I live in. With out him my dreams would fade to only memories.