Just because I refuse to place my judgment on you, does not mean that I can't make any judgment.

Here is my little rant for today:

I have found a problem that I think is common to people who are libertarians (notice with a little 'l'), or those who prefer to simply say "live and let live".

When I have a political or philosophical discussion, the last phrase is what I hold true. But some people tend to think since I feel this way I agree with what they are saying.

Here is an example: I was having a discussion with a co-worker about homosexuality and gay couples adopting children. I told the person that I agreed with him, and, I don't mind gay people adopting children. But I also mentioned that I think it's better if a child is placed with a heterosexual couple.


My co-worker couldn't understand that this wasn't a contradiction. And all of a sudden I became a regressive, hateful bastard.

I think maybe I just won't talk any more, or at least I won't talk with people who can't understand what I thought was not a subtle concept.