How to do 31337 h4x0RiNg on a Macintosh PowerBook:

Step 1: Open "Apple Elite Hacking" in the Apple Extras folder on your Hard Disk.

Step 2: Enter the IP address here, or click Hack Previous Download Stream, to hack the last server that sent you data. Then press OK.

Step 3: Apple Elite Hacking will automatically determine which OS the hackee is running, and then will prompt you if you wish to proceed. Click OK to continue, or Quit to exit the program.

Step 4: The hackee computer is running "Debian Linux." If you press okay, Apple Elite Hacking will hack through any firewalls and give you full access to that computer, using simple translators to convert anything to the file types supported by the OS. Although Apple Elite Hacking is a very safe program, there is a rare chance that the hackee could make a counter-attack, that Apple Elite Hacking may be unable to stop. To proceed, click OK, to choose a different IP address, click Back, to exit the program, click Quit, if you need assistance, press the Help key on your keyboard or choose Elite Hacking Help from the Help menu.