To say she caught his eye, took his breath away, would be an understatement of the highest order. To describe her as a farm girl would be stereotyping, but with good reason - at least in this outfit.

He could not but help cast his eyes appraisingly over her, in a way he hoped was flattering - most likely not, but he tried, anyway.

Her complexion, gorgeously tanned, long shapely legs climbing up, bordered at the top by a thousand white frays of denim short - probably far too short for her own good, not that he would complain... fantastically sexy, even biased as he was towards legs.

Her red and white shirt set it off perfectly, tied expertly at the midriff, showing off a flat, exercised stomach and gently curving cleavage, somewhat emphasised by only the two buttons being used.

She looked up at him. Caught him looking at her.

The expression on his face could only be described as sheepish. But she smiled, warmly.

And he breathed again.

He smiled weakly back, and turned his head, only to have something catch his eye out of the periphery of his vision. Turning back, his eyes widened as he realised she was undoing the top button, leaving the shirt only held together by a single pearl and a knot.

She took a step toward him, holding out her hand.

"Aren't you going to say hello?"

And, inside him, two sides fought a battle.

One keeping him shy, quiet, a little nervous.

And the other wanting to take her away and do a hell of a lot more than say hello.

With a little struggle, his eyes held hers, despite the enticement of her breasts just a foot below. He introduced himself.

She smiled. Kissed his cheek. Took his hand, turned on her heel, and lead him away. Just like that.