I'm wearing an outfit reminiscent of a UPS uniform. I'm with my brother, and he's wearing the same thing. We're engineers of some sort, and we've been assigned the task of repairing a nearby cement bridge.

We drive our truck (which is not unlike a UPS truck) to the location of the bridge, and we survey the area. An attractive brunette appears (wearing the same uniform), and walks over to my side to ask my brother a question. While she is talking to him, she discreetly takes my hand into hers. I look at her, and we both smile.

We then go to the base of the bridge, and look at the damage down there. On the way down, my brother gets a bit ahead of the woman and myself, so I take the opportunity to ask her a question regarding the hand-holding.

I lift my hand, still clutching hers, and I ask "What does this mean? Don't get me wrong, I don't dislike it; I'm just looking for the reasoning behind it." She says something, but I don't remember what. Though I do like her answer, and I understand.

Lieutanant Worf appears out of nowhere, growls, and says "It would be easier if we could push the truck through the tunnel." to which I reply "The truck won't fit in the tunnel."

Worf agrees, and says "The truck, no...but the air will push it back up." I ponder his thought, and agree it's a good idea. (Of course, now it makes no fucking sense whatsover...as is the case with dreams.)

Something happens downstairs, so I quickly head down the staircase, swinging around each landing with ease. The others are having a hard time keeping up with me. I end up in some sort of basement. It's dark, damp, and musty. It seems to be underneath the bridge. Light comes in through a single window, high up on a wall near the ceiling. The others enter the room shortly after, and the dream ends.