I was serving aboard the Enterprise D. I got the impression I was a Lt. Commander, the same rank as Data. I was part of engineering, thus, a gold uniform.

Myself, Captain Picard, Commander Riker, Commander Data, and Counselor Troi were escorting a newly contacted species on a tour of the ship. (This is right after I introduced one of them, "Pennisin", to the concept of a handshake. He resisted at first, then remembered reading about it.)

Counselor Troi must have gotten far ahead of us, because as we turned a corner in a cooridor, I see her with her arms elbow-deep in a wall access junction box. We walk over to see what she's doing, and she clumsily yanks out a power inverter. It's a black box, about two feet tall by one foot wide, with a screen on one side, and "Power Inverter" written down the other side.

A Madonna music video is playing on the screen. This, strange in itself, makes me attempt to stop it. However, every attempt I make to shut the unit down fails. Even when I hit the "Clear and Reset" button. Nothing.

Commander Data and myself take the inverter to Engineering, (Which turns out to be the patio at my Parents' house in Florida), and Geordi is sitting at the table. We plop it down in front of him, and he looks at it asking "What the hell is wrong with this?"

I watch him also press "Clear and Reset", to no avail.

Geordi gets up and joins the rest of the touring party (who are leaving through the screen door past the pool), and leaves me to figure out what's wrong with the inverter. I remember mentioning to Data as he gets up that "At least it's Madonna playing. That's not too bad."

I do a hard "reboot" of the unit, and Madonna's new western video comes on, as well as what appears to be some Japanese hiragana on a seperate display. I yell to Data, asking if he can read Japanese, however Dr. Crusher interrupts, mentioning that they're going to be busy. (She makes hand gestures as if playing a cello.)

Dream Shift

I'm out somewhere with my brother. We're driving back home, and we're obviously concerned that our parents believe us to be gone permanently. Don't ask me why.

When we arrive at their house, there is a funeral in progress. In the garage. A bunch of people are carrying a casket out of the garage, and as we walk up the driveway, they look at us, stunned.

I got over to the casket somehow, and unhooked the latches. I opened it up, and the person inside is ME! I freak out for a second or two, and regain my composure as I realize that can't really be me in there, because I realize I'm standing in front of it. Everyone isn't surprised by this, so I pick up the head of the corpse. It detaches from the body.

It is a perfect replica of me. It has an amused look on its face. (You have no idea how weird it is to look at your own face, on a head that you are holding.)

My father seems casual. He says something to the effect of "You're the first. Look who's after you, on the floor by the table."

I look down, and there lies a replica of my brother, partially covered by the tablecloth.

All during this "service", my mother is crying, but she's neither upset, or happy. It's as if her tears are "for show".

Oh well. Dream over, and I wake up. I still think it's cool that I got to hold my own head. Even if it WAS a replica. It was a damn good one, and if you didn't know it was a replica, you would think it was actually my head. That's how realistic it looked.