I was hanging out with Caine from "Kung-Fu: The Legend Continues." Apparently, I was a good friend of his, and I had flown in to see him. It also seemed that he had students as well.

Anyway, his office was behind a maze filled with booby traps populated with sharp objects that pierced the walls. One of his female students (an attractive one, I might add - a blonde girl with a neon yellow-green shirt) had said that they were all scared to go through the maze. Caine started through it, and dodged every one of the traps like a champ, up until the butcher knife. He sliced the palm of his hand, and I had to get him a jumbo sized band aid.

After that, I got my suitcase from his office and looked at the clock. My flight was at 6:55 and it was 6:30. (AM or PM, I don't remember, but I got the impression it was PM.) I remember thinking to myself "Dammit, why didn't you call in advance to confirm the flight?" and "You're supposed to be there an hour before departure, shithead!"

Then I slowly woke up.