Grr. The network here sucks. Mostly because one of the routers died and UCIS has been scrambling to fix it. Meanwhile, every 30-40 minutes the entire network goes down completely. Then it goes back up 100% after being down for 10-20 minuters. Very annoying.

I've talked it over with a few others on our floor and we've decided to just buy a switch. A switch is just like a hub except a hub sends all data to everyone and a switch just sends it to who it's for. However this won't help our internet connection when the network goes down. But it will make it a little faster when it's working since everyone's computer is getting mass collisions from everyone else currently. Also we will atleast be able to "see" each other when it goes down. Thus allowing us to transfer files, play Quake3, and play RedAlert2. Plus it'll only be $10 per room. The only problem I forsee is some UCIS guy coming into the hub closet and be like "why are there five empty plugs?" and then follow the wires to the switch duct taped to the back of the door (the best hiding spot we could find).

Ah well. It was only $5.

Today's my roomate's birthday. Lots of people came and decorated our door while he was at class. It looks really cool, too bad my birthday's in the summer. Damn. Speaking of which, he's been playing DeusEx for the past month, calls it "the best single player game I've ever played." It looks like it. Great graphics, plot, very difficult, very long, and tons of detail (such as guards chatting while you sneak up on them). Plus there's more than one way to finish any level. You really are put into a 3d world.

I just finished the intro to it, looks cool so far. Will keep updated.