World Domination is often presented as a daunting, ludicrously complex process, which involves years of planing and preparation. THAT IS A MYTH. World Domination can be easily accomplished using these 6 easy steps:

1. Become a multi billionaire: As with many things in life, the first step is the most difficult, and it is what holds many people back from ever completing the process. As there are no 100% effective methods for achieving this state, I can do little more than offer these suggestions:

A) Beg Bill Gates for money: He has Billions to spare! Just promise him control of some pathetic small country, like Portugal, and he should help you.

B) Invest in those high stability dotComs, they're sure-fire moneymakers.

2. If you completed step 1, Congratulations, it's all down hill from here. The second step is to obtain 5 nuclear warheads (with ICBMs, of course), and a Polaris class, Nuclear launch capable submarine. Almost as difficult as the first step, but there are some easy ways to go about it:

A) The former Soviet Union is a veritable treasure trove of nuclear weapons, for a scant $50 million, you could obtain a Warhead AND an ICBM!

B) The United States Military is highly corrupt and disorganized. In fact, the last time they audited themselves, the were missing (among other things): 3 mobile missile batteries, several PT boats, and a 2 TON FLOATING CRANE. Taking this into consideration, one should EASILY be able to obtain something as stealthy as a submarine.

3. Positioning yourself in the South China Sea, launch 1 of the missiles at the US. Follow shortly with a broadcast in Chinese, claiming that US has violated China's sovereignty. This will ignite World War III, and decimate the population of the earth, and all countries involved.

4. Wait out the war on your submarine, in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hope you brought food.

5. Use your remaining Nukes to bully the winning country into surrendering to you.

6. Then, using the combination of yours and their remaining nukes, conquer the rest of the world. So, as you can see, world domination is far, far from the painful, dangerous process that it is portrayed as in the media, and can be accomplished with easy by everyday people like you or me!