An electronic junk punk band, founded by Dan (electronics & vocals) and Smith (percussion & noise) in 1989. Babyland's main focus is powerful live performance which integrates electronic noise with primitive percussion; "performance based low-end technology". Examples of their attraction to juxtaposition are contained in the use of electronica and emotive vocals outlining humanity's inherent fallibility and also in the layered instrumentals: a complex cacophony built on a clear, rhythmic baseline.

Babyland has flirted with on-stage theatrics involving predominant experimentation with pyrotechnics. Referring to a tour of the US West Coast in 1996, Smith stated, "we came down with a bad case of smoke inhalation every single night." The pyrotechnics were canned; their presence "detracted from the audience's acknowledgement of Babyland's musical presence".

Babyland now release their music through their label, Mattress Records; a coming of age of sorts, as it has increased the control that they are adamant to retain over their own music. Babyland never held any contracts between themselves and a record label. However, their earlier CDs were released through Flipside Records, whose focus subsequently switched away from music resulting in their inability to further support Babyland. Thus, Mattress was born; Babyland hold no animosity towards Flipside. Their music can now be ordered through Amazon. Samples of Babyland's music are also available through

Discography: LPs/EPs:
The Finger, Mattress Records, 2004
Past Lives (EP), Mattress Records, 2004
2002 (EP), Mattress Records, 2002
Outlive Your Enemies, Mattress Records, 1998
Who's Sorry Now?, Flipside Records, 1995
A Total Let-Down Flipside Records, 1993
You Suck Crap, Flipside Records, 1992

Non-CD Releases:
B-component, Mattress Records, 1998
Half Hearted, Flipside Records, 1993
Stomach, 1993
The Dogsnatcher EP, 1993
Reality Under Smrow-Toh, 1992
1991, 1991

Babyland has also contributed to a multitude of compilation releases.

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"We will not go away!"