When it comes to Bass or Subwoofer Etiquette, I think it comes down to what I like to call street laws. I know you all know when your friend with 5 10" inch speakers pulls up, or that p.o.s. in your neighborhood that shakes so bad it hurts in your back.

  • "Bumping"
    Never drive up to someone's house with your subs way up, unless it's a). Your house, b). A party. c). Always bump into school with your windows down, unless you have tint.
  • "Riding Shotgun"
    Never touch anyone's; Amp. Equalizer. Box.
  • Problem Solving
    If your car rattles, don't bump. Or fix it... Do us all a favor.
  • Blah blah blah
    Show off your system, but don't brag. It's not that great. Noone is scared of your system, and it doesn't make you a tough person.

    Not to say that anyone here doesn't know about these unsaid rules. I'm sure all of the noders here, ridin' in their Benzes and Bentleys, flossin' their platinum grills and scrilla bills, know how it works, right?