I am in a tourist trap store somewhere in nowhere land. It's probably some coastal town where all the slimy little vendors shuffle in and show off their shitty wares.

I'm with my step-brother, and he is with his girlfriend. I walk up to him, and he gives me this very wierd look. I realize I'm not wearing pants. I'm completely naked under my shirt. He tells me to grab the following items before we swim, which is assumed that we are about to do that:

  • 30 Pack Miller
  • Chips
  • Wallet
  • Swimming Trunks, quickly, please!!

    Well, I am walking around, and I buy some shitty Nike shorts, and go to change. When I come back, all the vendors have left, leaving their stuff behind. There are no customers, but I can see my step-brother and his girlfriend outside across the street. I look over, and spy something.

    Tommy Hilfiger Trunks...

    I grab them, try them on, then I wake up, pissed and tired. I never got to swim, damnit.