Co.Uk are a three piece punk(ish) band originating from near Belfast. They consist of Joe Brush doing the singing and guitar bashing, Chris Robinson on bass and Rab NcNeil on drums. Their sound is very reminiscent of early Green Day (slappy hours era), but with a darker edge to it.

The band have been on tour with: A, Ash, Droop Dogrill, The Divine Comedy, Cay

The band gained their name from when they used to watch Children’s TV in the afternoons, does anyone here remember the Broom Cupboard on CBBC with Andi Peters and Edd the Duck? They used to flash their email address up on a monitor all the time, they thought it was ‘cool’.

First gig was in the Oricle in Belfast (I think in 1998 but I may be wrong) where they opened for a Gary Glitter covers band.

Their best hit so far has been Not Today, with the chorus ‘I really want to kill myself, but maybe just not today’

The band were dropped by Bright Star shortly after Brainwash was released, and to the best of my knowledge have yet to be signed to another label.

Discography: (all released through Bright Star Recordings label) 2000.


BrainwashEP (also on Bright Star Recordings)

  1. Part of the game
  2. Not Today
  3. Butterfly
  4. Influenced
  5. Freakazoid
  6. Heroes
  7. Big Green Bath