The Saab 92 was the companies first venture into the car market. The decision was made in 1945 and the first prototype was shown the public the following year. The car had a hand beaten body and a transversely mounted two stroke engine rated at 18hp, the car also had front wheel drive and a shape which was to become associated with all Saabs for the next forty years.

That famous 'tear drop' body shape was designed by Sixten Saxon who was one of Saabs aircraft designers, the team responsible for the car was lead by Gunnar Ljungstrom.

The production of the car was started on December 12th 1949 and the finished cars started appearing in the beginning of 1950. The engine had been improved to provide 25hp from it's 764cc's. The car had a three speed gearbox, although the first gear wasn't synchronised. Only 700 of these cars were made and they are now very collectable among Saab enthusiasts. The components provided by Stewart-Warner were replaced by VDO instruments for the production model.

All of the cars produced in the first four years were green - rumours still maintain that this was because Saab had a large surplus left over of this paint from the war and wished to use it up. More than 9000 cars were produced in these first four years.

The 92B In 1953 the 92 was replaced with the 92B, although it wasn't advertised as such. The car had an addition of three extra colours (grey, blue-grey and black), a much larger rear window and a much improved boot and lid. There were more options available such as a folding bed in the rear of the car.

The car was officially designated the 92B in 1954 with a different carburettor (Solex 32BI) along with a new ignition coil which boosted power to 28hp. They also added the option of a factory fit canvas sunroof (although its price means that these are now very rare) and also added maroon to the available colours.

Over 20,000 92's were made over the six years of production, when the car was replaced with the Saab 93. Over 15,000 of the cars sold were 92B's.

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