Until very recently the UK government (or at least parts of it) used .gb.

I used to work for DERA, the Defence Evaluation and Research Agency, and agency of the MoD, and their domain was .dera.hmg.gb. The hmg is for Her Majesty's Government. DERA's domain is now .dera.gov.uk presumably to be in line with the domain hierarchy in the US.

We still have .co.uk and not .com.uk though.

Like some (but not all) other country code domains, the .uk country code is subdivided, with registrations allowed only under second-level subdomains, not directly under .uk (though there are a handful of "grandfathered" names, like parliament.uk, registered directly under .uk before the current rules went into effect).

Nominet runs the largest-scale .uk domains:

Managed by others, not Nominet:

A lot of people sloppily refer to .co.uk as a "top level domain"; it isn't. It's a second-level domain beneath .uk.

There's also a similar degree of domain abuse to that in .com, where everybody and his stepmother, commercial or not, ignorantly gets a .co.uk domain for their site (if choosing a U.K. country-specific address) where in many cases .org.uk or other 2nd-level names would be more appropriate.

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