Homecoming dance tomorrow. And for once I actually have a date for it (yeah for me!).

I was standing around in the gazebo two days ago with my friend Emily. I sighed and said "This sucks, the dance is tomorrow and once again I have no date." Emily looked around and saw Jenna, who was walking over to say hello.

Emily: Hey Jenna, you going to the dance?
Jenna: Not really, unless someone asks me to go.
Emily: Would you go with Matt? (points to me, sitting on the rail of the gazebo)
Jenna: Sure.

Wow. A girl actaully wants to spend a night out with me. Blew my mind. So now i won't be alone at the dance. Only thing is everyone at school thinks we're dating. My god, were just going out for a night! Quit jumping to conclusions!

Then again, you never know, we may just start dating ^_^. But that's something I won't know until later. I'll tell you what happens at the dance Saturday.

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Riverdale High School Homecoming Dance - 6 October 2000

Well its the day after and all went well. Actaully it went even better than I had hoped. While the music and such sucked, I got to meet a few of my friends that I hadn't seen in a year, since they left Riverdale and went to Blackman HS.

And yes my date (Jenna) made it. And we had a good time. No, we did not make out.

After Stephane, Jenna, and I decided that the music sucked, we headed back to the enterance to the YMCA Teen Center. We got bored quickly, and decided to play Truth or Dare. We all picked truth the first couple times, and we found out a lot of things we didn't know about each other. Very intimate moment.

And then I picked dare.

My dare was that I had to French kiss Stephane on the dance floor in front of everyone. Not exactly "run-through-the-streets-naked" level stuff, but still fun and interesting. We wated until the gesta...err...teachers weren't looking, and we went for it.

My god, that felt good!

We sat on the floor and laughed and had a good time, until we got sick of hearing rap and headed outside. It was freazing out, and we sat on the sidewalk shivering and saying how dumb we were for running out here.

And if you're wondering...me and Jenna are probably going to Stephane's Birthday/Halloween party, which is always a good time.