"That crazy 'Would You Rather' Game'". Zobmondo is a party game in which wacky propositions are brought up. One by one each player picks a card and a colored stone. They then read the matching colored proposition. They are things like "Lick an ashtray - OR - Lick under your fridge." The current player reads this silently and decides what choice everyone else will pick and writes this down. They then read the question out loud and all the other players have fun coming to a consensus on which choice they'll pick. If the current player is right he gets a point. After you get like 6 points you get a shot at winning. You have to make up a question yourself and the other players write down their answers individually. The goal is to avoid having everyone choose the same answer. If you succeed you win and the game finally comes to an end.

Like most party games, Zobmondo requires a majority of girls to play. The rules are somewhat vague, and basically require you to be honest. The rules on the final question are subjective. The instructions say you have to make up a question that is "in the spirit of Zobmondo", unlike "Do you like RED - OR - BLUE".

This game will quickly devolve into simply reading through the cards and having participants argue about their responses.

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