A clever animated cartoon released in May 2000 by Camp Chaos (www.campchaos.com). Directed, drawn, and written by Bob Cesca with music by Tim Panella. In the two-minute 'toon, Metallica's Lars Ulrich appears to discuss Napster and its users with a profanity-laden commentary, while an apelike James Hetfield bellows "Money good! Napster bad!" in the background (this apparently in 'tribute' to a Phil Hartman bit). Camp Chaos had 5 million hits on the cartoon in its first week on-line, crushing their original web-server, and also a second brought in to share the load.

Any hope Lars had of gaining sympathy in the debate was largely removed by the enormous popularity of this cartoon and its later sequels such as Sue All The World, which made the band, especially Lars, out to be money-grubbing buffoons.

The 'toons popularity led Camp Chaos to a number of high-profile gigs including the animated video for Motley Crue's 'Hell on High Heels'.

By the end of 2001 the cleverness of the original 'toon had attenuated through countless sequels and the frenzy had largely died down as Napster itself lost relevance. But the original short itself captures the mood of the heady times of the first meaningful skirmish over MP3 sharing.

A second "special edition" was released in 2003, including pop-up video style notes with interesting (and sometimes dull) trivia about the cartoon and its history.


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