An independent musician, performance artist, vibrant and talented soul from Quebec, Canada who redefines sexy and pours raw emotion out of her music into your eardrums like an old and deep river flows water over the land. She draws upon sources of creativity as old as time, and falling under her musical spell is like succumbing to the undertow of euphoria.

Zeeza has had more than one hundred thousand visitors to her online website in the past two years, and has made thousands of dollars in payback earnings. She was chosen one of the best acts of in 1999. With eight albums and countless hours of music to her credit (most of which is freely available online), she can vocally dance between french and english as easily as she spins a web of moist lust from one side of her mouth while painting the flight of doves to the angelic hosts of heaven from the other. Though she completely defies categorization or stereotype, her music can be compared in some ways to folk, blues, jazz, experimental pop, country, rock, and all of it mixed with spices from some mad cajun family's cupboard.

Her collaborative work with Harvey Mandel is not to be missed. Zeeza's talent is constantly blossoming like a lotus caught in a time-warp. She will melt you from the inside out. Admittedly, her style takes some getting used to, and her music simply is not for everyone, but the patient and worthy will feel chills and will drool like Pavlov's dogs after awhile at the very thought of her eyes or sound of her voice. She gives taste to sound. Zeeza is a rare and sinful pleasure of the flesh; eargasmic.

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