The word wilding has adopted the meaning of "a violent and brutal attack, sometimes involving racism and/or rape." The term's origin is unclear - supposedly it originated in 1989, following the arrest of five African-American and Latino teen boys who were believed to have attacked the stockbroker known only as the Central Park Jogger. After the boys were taken to jail, the story goes, they began singing the song "Wild Thing" - a recent hit for Tone Loc at the time, and a song filled with sexual references. Another theory on the term's etymology suggests that the word already existed at that time, and was known by young lower-class minorities to mean "going out in wolfpacks to assault and terrorize Caucasians." Race became a component of the term's meaning mostly through media coverage of that attack and others in South Carolina, Wichita, Philadelphia, and elsewhere.


Wild"ing, n. Bot.

A wild or uncultivated plant; especially, a wild apple tree or crab apple; also, the fruit of such a plant.


Ten ruddy wildings in the wood I found. Dryden.

The fruit of the tree . . . is small, of little juice, and bad quality. I presume it to be a wilding. Landor.


© Webster 1913.

Wild"ing, a.

Not tame, domesticated, or cultivated; wild.

[Poetic] "Wilding flowers."


The ground squirrel gayly chirps by his den, And the wilding bee hums merrily by. Bryant.


© Webster 1913.

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