White Pepper is yet another excellent album by Ween, digestible by most mainstream listeners (unlike their earlier releases God Ween Satan: The Oneness and The Pod). Many types of music are represented in this collection, different vocal styles and effects are employed, and overall it is quite pleasant to listen to, still sporting Ween's good-natured charm. It was recorded by Dean and Gene Ween in the illustrious year 2000 and released on the Elektra label. The album was produced by Chris Shaw and Ween, and mixed by Chris Shaw in Woodstock, New York. Here is a list of this collection's gems:

  1. Exactly Where I'm At
  2. Flutes of Chi
  3. Even if You Don't
  4. Bananas and Blow
  5. Stroker Ace
  6. Ice Castles (an instrumental--strangely Residents-like)
  7. Back to Basom
  8. The Grobe
  9. Pandy Fackler
  10. Stay Forever
  11. Falling Out
  12. She's Your Baby

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