This is a song by Ween, from the album White Pepper.

This song is incredibly peppy-sounding for a concept that sounds so depressing. It's got an irregular rhythm that makes it a bit surprising to listen to, but it's very fun, and sounds incredibly mainstream for a Ween song.

It sounds as though he is watching over a completely insane ex-girlfriend or something, making sure she doesn't damage others or herself: I was happy this morning
You finally got yourself dressed
Eating raw bacon
It's okay, I was still impressed

This verse is interesting:

Please don't touch my phone book
My friends are getting pissed off
Wake 'em in the morning
Acting like a jerk-off

Likely that's based on a real event, but despite being a fountain of Ween knowledge, I have no idea who they're talking about, if she exists.

This song is © 2000 by Ween, Elektra Records.

White Pepper
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