Lucent's PC (i386-based) solution for the IEEE 802.11 wireless LAN standard. A nice accessory to have if you own a really small laptop like a Sony picturebook or a Toshiba libretto.

And what's really nice is that the latest PCMCIA card services package for Linux supports it.

This is basically a PC version of Apple's Airport cards.

Also, Wavelan has a much longer range than AirPort- up to 550ft at 11Mbps and 1750ft at 1Mbps, as opposed to AirPort's 150ft @ 11Mbps.

You can get range extenders that, I'm told, can extend the range to 30 miles, believe it or not.

I want one.

The WaveLAN Gold card is Lucent's 11Mbps PCMCIA wireless Ethernet card. It can be used in both PC and Macintosh (PPC, G3, G4) laptops desktops (with the proper expansion card). Apple's Airport wireless networking uses Lucent WaveLAN Silver, rebranded with the Apple name.

Lucent (now Agere) discovered, to their horror, that "WaveLAN" sounds too much like English and renamed it. You can now get the cards under the brand name "Orinoco." ObPlug: These are also the only cards endorsed by Computing Services for use of the Carnegie Mellon University wireless Andrew project.

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