(Since the program doesn't have an appropriate motto, here's my contribution: "By people with an uptime obsession, for people with an uptime obsession!" =)

A daemon in UNIXes (Linux in particular at the time) to track one's longest uptimes automatically.

Uptimed is an update and rival to an older daemon "ud". Here are some of its features:

  • The "uptime ranking" has more uptimes than ud. In ud, you had top three uptimes; in uptimed, the sky is the limit. (By default in Debian, 60 uptimes are stored.)
  • There's a CGI program and a shell command ("uprecords") to get the information. ud could only continuously update a file.
  • Uptimed also notes and optionally reminds via E-mail of "milestones" (such as when going up one rank in ranking, or becoming number one in the list).

Home page, as of writing: <http://cx.capsi.com/code-uptimed.html> Also available as a Debian package.

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