Uptime obsession is something that UNIX users sometimes get. It keeps you from ever wanting to reboot or shut down your machine, even if it's to upgrade it! "Oh shit! My Linux box has been up for 237 days! I don't wanna shut it down! Even if it's to add another 60 gig disk!"

Uptime obsession usually leads to uptime wars. It tends to be rather silly, sometimes people make the excuse that the machine would still be up, since it didn't crash, and that it has an effective uptime of X + Y, where X is the uptime before the reboot, and Y is the current uptime. Sorry, but it just doesn't work that way.

Luckily, some of us geeks can get over uptime obsession and just shut down at any time. I'm starting to get over it myself, but I still get annoyed when I have to shut down if my uptime exceeds 50 days or so...

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