Tweaker art is generally the result of doing methamphetamines and having nothing to do all night. Being on methamphetamines you feel the urge to do something so many people start drawing a picture on a piece of binder paper with a pen. Some of the results are astounding. Every last inch of the page is covered with highly detailed, elaborate patterns and designs mixed in with tiny drawings of anything imaginable. Hundreds of unique items and designs, all completely unrelated to each other, melted together into a single picture. Whatever comes into the artist's head is put down on the paper immediately, drawing for hours and not stopping until it is "perfect". While it is an effective way to waste time if you can't sleep, I've known people who use methampetamines as a creative tool for making their bizarre pictures. One person I know used the drug to stay up three nights in a row to complete his masterpiece! Many people will say that the pictures are drug induced scribbling, but I believe that many of them come out as true works of art. They deeply represent the artist's personality and emotions, and many are beautiful enough to frame. But then again a lot of them are just drug induced scribbling.

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