This is what "tweakers" spend their money in order to do. While high, meth-heads will shake, twitch and their eyes will dart around in a a paranoid fashion. Very amusing to watch. Sometimes Coke-heads will also do this and tar-babies will do it during withdrawl.

this happens when you realize a thousand universes are trapped inside of every writing utensil you see, especially pencils. generally, some form of charcoal pencil is used, but any pencil will do (pencils really are best, most times), and you should never take yourself too seriously. sketching a universe is a tricky place to start.

there are a few things to collect befo' you go anywhere, if you've been bitten by the sketch bug. a sketch pad of some sort, a pencil of that same some sort, and your noggin'. if you happen to forget any one of these items, it is true that most everyone keeps all of these things around, except for, perhaps, an extra noggin'. in fact, most people will happily encourage your sketch inklings.

here are some things that are good fo' sketching, especially if you are just starting out: inside of your pencil, there is everything. if you would examine the tip of it, provided it's sharp enough, you'll notice a slope. shading. sketching is all about shading for me. the way light falls on anything, intensity of the light, and should i start sketching something that will take a long time knowing that the sun is not on my side. that is to say, by the time i am happy with the sketch, shadows and light rays will no longer be anywhere near where they were when i started. this is challenging but it is fun to watch exactly where the shadows move and, a good eraser is your best friend.

some people cannot sketch with a pencil, a pen, a thousand sketch worthy writing utensils. some people sketch with words (and oh, this is my most favourite form of sketching, to see the curves and smooth flow of a tree trunk, its leaves, soft sunlight, all in a string of text). others choose to show you how they see it all with music.

they are all simply little ways to capture the universe.

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