Title of a poem from a past I once had

Cokehead Queries

The first in a time
I've cut a line at home,
allowed no tomorrow morning
to meddle with silver addiction

I wear clothes for me
with everything swimming while I away to dawnless days

I ask myself if I can write
while Halloween mayhem spins a starlight kaleidescope

do not put out your hand
I only look boggy eyed and small
lava still flows while I trace miles on a round plastic window
up here in the sky
those places dotted on plane tickets invite me

we miss you and you,
you miss the same me I miss
hit and run
No Smoking
Two Way Radio
New Orleans

on my bike once I crunched a pigeon's wing
thought nothing of it
they seem to know their numbers

I spin my poison with Gregory's help and Melinda's peep nagging
a little more, one more bump for me for me for me
make me jones for something I can't crave
nasal passages cross sectioned in Gray's Anatomy
labyrinth sabaceous glands scraped of faulted flesh
my skin buckles , should it squeak like sun-baked tires ,
day old apples?

coke scrapes the human out , cringing inside
stapling fridge doors, car grilles to my shoulders
my arms and ears
a little more of me goes down the drain
dilated pores creak for rain like down trodden houses
pleading for corrugated mercy ,
Please stop me from being so ugly in front of everyone

Should I attempt laundry?
I am ready, but I don't want to leave
tea is only across the hall
Should I try to eat, convince my organs
of things I don't believe
that I'll wake up tomorrow still alive and yet,
a little more, can you spare a little of your soul to me?

It's not her fault that I'm kind to the points of thorns
teetering on tight fitting expectations
give me back ignorance, I wasn't done
waiter, cancel that reminiscent back order
forward, forward, like my bike only forward
all my pencils are dull , no points
and still you ask for a little more of me
do we really need to analyze our rocking chair addictions , Melinda?
shut up, I just gave you some you're to thank me and shut up

half of us are mannequins, posing to provoke
we are the vacant half, bent necks and scratching our beards
and you are convinced
we are thinking of statues

I have to punch out shrinkwrap sleeves just
to adjust this dress you painted on me
Labeled me a girl and female with no vacancies
but that's alright
since I traced them and you only colored them in

lost the turn, out from the circle,
a corner that can't be rounded for you
no one can peg me so I hung myself

Can you float free from a light fixture
if it's not a star or the sky?

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