Treknologists are a curious bunch. Hailing from pretty much all age groups and occupations, they are the ones who bring order to the often confusing subject of Star Trek technology. They also deal with with such issues as why did the Klingons grow ridges in their foreheads for Star Trek: The Motion Picture and why doesn't the courageous crew of the Enterprise turn into chunky salsa when they accelerate to warp. Their primary motivation is not to attribute every inconsistency as errors or oversights of production, but to come up with an explanation within the Star Trek universe that would explain the given events. For example, the Klingon-Romulan alliance was not formed because someone stepped on the romulan ship model during filming (which required them to use Klingon ships instead), but because both parties had a mutual agenda: to stop the expanding might of the Federation.

Like any technologically oriented group of people, they have their own jargon designed to confuse and astound the uninitiated. Conversation with a treknologist is likely to feature such odd terms like "Secondary Tachyon Couplings", "Subspace Field Stress in Millicochranes" or perhaps even "Multiphasic Transwarp Resonator".

If you would like to contribute your own theories about Treknology, check out on USENET.

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