We throwin' money in the air like we dont give a fuck,
Lookin' for a tipdrill, I mean a tipdrill
- Nelly, "E.I. (The Tipdrill Remix)"*
"Tipdrill" is a relatively new word in the English language, and by most accounts, it was invented by none other than the rapper Nelly for the song referenced above. So what, exactly, is a tipdrill? Nelly drops some important clues to tell us:

I need a freak to hold me tight
I need a freak for seven days and seven nights
I need a freak that will not choke
I need a freak to let me stick it down her (ohhhhh!)
Several definitions on urbandictionary claim that a tipdrill is a girl who has a great body but an ugly face. Another theory, from the same website, states that the term "means that a nigga just wants to put in the tip of the dick and drill the ass from behind."

Another stanza in the song, however, implies that a man can be a woman's tipdrill as well. This is where it gets slightly more confusing. The unnamed woman, calling the unnamed man a tipdrill, says that he has a nice ass, an ugly face, and that he buys her cars and pays her bills. The implication here, of course, is that a male tipdrill would be a sugar daddy sort of character who also happens to be visually unappealing.

So impress your teachers, beat the verbal SAT, and confuse the hell out of your local carpenters by utilizing this fresh new word in your daily life!

* "The Tipdrill Remix" is supposedly a remix of Nelly's late-90's hit E.I., but it should probably qualify as a separate song. Also as the most sexually explicit music video of all time, although I can't argue with swiping a credit card in a girl's ass-crack.

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