UrbanDictionary.com is an E2-like database driven site, designed to be a one stop resource for the incomprehensible rude boy slang that is floating around these days. Whether it's "fo shizzle, my nizzle" ("For sure, my nigger") or "chicken" (delicious but no good to pet animal) you want a definition for, UrbanDictionary has it.

The main differences between E2 and UrbanDictionary
UrbanDictionary is far less closely scrutinised than Everything2, and it shows. Bad grammar and spelling is rampant, and entries rarely get deleted.

Instead of voting up and down the writeups (called "definitions") you select the one that is your favourite and that counts as a vote in its favour. Generally, there are some great definitions on there and there is some crap that would send dannye or any other E2 editor into a fit or apopleptic rage (you thought Butterfinger McFlurry was bad?).

Nodes cannot be locked like on E2, and you get multiple pages with about 10 definitions on rather than one lumpen mass. There is no catbox and no way to contact other users unless they list their email address, ICQ number or AIM screen name. Personal diatribes are not allowed and there are no daylogs, as while E2 is just (just!?) a writers haven/encyclopedia, UrbanDictionary is just that: a dictionary. Noding about noding is forbidden for obvious reasons, but noding for numbers is doubleplusgood on UD.com.

As far as I can tell, there is no XP system on UrbanDictionary and as such there would be no need for it.


One of my largest problems with Urban Dictionary is that since it is so free-form, there is no guarantee that the content of the site is particularly urban (the denotations of 'urban' being quite different from the connotations, anyway). In the past, while searching the site, I did find some items that seemed to be genuine slang (if such a classification makes sense. There are actually some words in there that will help you understand the fast-paced world of drugs and crime). Some of it is widely used, and well known (at least inside of the subculture it is part of).

On the other hand, most of what I read on Urban Dictionary, especially in their word of the day mass mailings seems to be contrived. For example, in the past few weeks, I have been presented with compunicate, one-upper, libby, mental constipation, hobosexual, manther and to the dome, slang that I have not heard used in regular speech, and that I doubt anyone, even those in the fast lane of our evolving society, really uses. In other words, I get the feeling that Urban Dictionary is full of suburban stoners and heavy internet forum users, trying to pass off something that they and their friends came up with at 3 AM as something that is widely used.

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