Australian slang term for an outdoor dunny. Is generally considered to be a wooden structure about the size and shape of a large phone box, with a pitched roof and a heart-shaped cutout on the door. No connection to sewerage, just a long, vertical pit dug beneath the seat, termed, appropriately enough, a 'longdrop'.

On a side note: The time it takes you to say 'longdrop' is about the time it takes before you hear the 'thud'. Or should that be 'splud'?
Also now an exciting fusion of all the best qualities of Professional Wrestling with all the worst qualities of Boxing which can be found on Fox Sports Net. Thunderbox is a single elimination tournament to find the Thunderbox Champion.

There are several really disturbing elements to this show. The Boxers, a la Wrestling, all have fun character names and there are even some behind the scenes shenanigans. The 16 fighters all get to share the four Thundergirls who stand outside the ring cheering them on and most likely fight with each other, in mud if possible. Then there is the scoring system. Players get points for each win, and double for a KO. They also get points, or are docked points for how aggressive they are. Worse, they also get points for unsportsmanlike conduct such as trash talking. The Fighters also get to bet on their fights beforehand for more points. Egad!

While something like this wouldn't necesarily bother me, this does, because I like actual Boxing so much. Thunderbox seems to try and deal with some of Boxing's problems. They only have one weight class, Heavyweight. There is a small set of boxers with easy nicknames. There is only one set of rules, and probably one set of judges. The emphasis on aggression weeds out the boring Boxers in favor of Sluggers. What's really annoying is that it makes Boxing look much more like a barbaric sport than it actually is. Anyone who watches it regularly is not doing so to see someone face get smashed in, but rather to watch the so-called sweet science of Boxing. This show revels in injuries, and doesn't support the kind of respect and comradery there is between real Boxers.

Heh, BTW, I think z evil 1's definition is a very apt description of this show.

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