Cops and their fun gimmicks to keep us raver kids in...

*begin rant*

I'm sitting here noding this because I'm physically blocked from going to a party I am helping throw! Here's the situation: I'm a shuttle for the party. My job is to bring kids from the map point to the party and vice-versa. The kids got in ok. Some of them, not being as perceptive or paranoid, decided to start to walk back from the party...

Note to party-goers: do NOT go walking off from a party that you were shuttled to.
There is a reason why that procedure was chosen.

In any case, I luckily found these stragglers and brought them back to the map point, passing a cop on the way. When I did eventually get back to the place of the party, lo and behold, there were three cop cars chilling on a side street. Pretty much no one can get in or out of the party without making the location known. This includes me, the method of transportation for most of the kids there.

*end rant*

and it's just begun to rain.

Like all physical obstacles, the three cop car barrier can be breached. A friend of mine at the party fixed the situation nicely. He walked toward the barrier and sat on the curb. A sleepy gen xer chilling alone on a residential street. The emotional state of loneliness is one of the better manipulative tools. It draws other people's energy so nicely.

"Hey mister, have you heard of a party going on around here?"
"Sorry officer" *sigh* "No... If there were a party, I'd be at it."
"Thanks... Well, have a nice night."
"Should I let you know if I hear anything?"
"No thanks, we've got other parties to deal with.

And thus the blockade was lifted.

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