An anime series mainly about a ditzy demon's quest to become an angel (hence the title which translates to "I'll Become an Angel"). The ditz is Noelle (Noeru) who (as so often is the case in shounen anime) inexplicably attaches herself to an ordinary high school student type guy. This of course happens after he happens upon her slumbering naked form. After this, her demon 'family' decides to move in and transform his formerly normal house into this architectural monstrosity (think Mattel does Gaudi). Hilarity ensues, but weird, mysterious dark elements abound too (read: Silky), so try not to take this one at face value.

Full of weird WEIRD characters (read: pink squid Noelle imposter) and weird WEIRD Japanese onomatopoeia (paparapuuuun, punyon, omahenkaaaaaa).

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