"Mamotte Shugogetten!" is an anime series (only available via fansub) based on the manga series written by Minene Sakurano. The man character is Tasuke Shichiri, an ordinary school boy who is living alone, since his father and sister are off being archeologists and his mother is off traveling. His life is perfectly ordinary until his dad sends him something he found at a Chinese archeological site, an octagonal bracelet made of some purple metal. When he looks through the bracelet, a girl pops out. She is Shaolin, a shugogetten (moon spirit), who's duty is to protect Tasuke from harm; her powers are derived from the bracelet, the shitenrin, with which she can summon "star gods" to do various things.

Unfortunately, Shaolin is completely unfamiliar with the modern world, and is much more likely to cause situations that Tasuke needs protection from than to just protect him. In fact, both the title and his name are partially jokes. "taskue" means "help", which Taskue cries out for quite often, and "mamotte" means "save me"; the title literally translates as "Save me, heavenly moon spirit!".

Soon after receiving Shaolin's shitenrin, his dad sends him another object, a pipe-like wand. Apparently not one to learn from experience, Tasuke looks through the pipe, and out pops Ruuan, a keikounitten (sun spirit), who's duty it is to make Tasuke happy; her powers are derived from her wand, the kokutentou, which she can use to bring life to inanimate objects, from food to buildings to the clothes someone is wearing. Since Tasuke generally refuses to tell her what would make him happy, she starts deciding for herself what will make him happy; thus, just like Shaolin more often gets Tasuke in trouble than save him, Ruuan more often makes him unhappy than happy.

Ruuan and Shaolin have met and fought 1851 times before, because they kept on ending up with masters who were fighting, and she refuses to get along with Shaolin, even though they have the same master now. She wants to be Tasuke's only spirit, and is always plotting to ruin the relationship that Shaolin and he have. She manages to become the teacher of Tasuke's class, and Shaolin manages to become a transfer student to his class; thus, his classroom is a daily exercise in chaos and destruction rather than learning.

Tasuke's two best friends, Takashi Nomura and Koichirou Endou, fall in love with Shaolin and Ruuan respectively. Later Izumo Miyauchi, a priest and playboy, falls in love with Shaolin. And eventually Kaori Aihara, another student at Tasuke's school, falls in love with him. Thus there's a big love tangle in addition to the fun random destruction.

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