Technology melded with ancient beliefs. The crossing of computers, designer drugs, techno, and cultural idealism has lead to a new interest in what used to be called "techniques of ecstacy" by hippie anthropologists. Repeating techno and ambient music, along with computer-generated fractal images, produces trance states "similar" to those indiced by shamanic chants, drums, dances, and other rituals that still are performed by "primivtive" people -- that is, according to Techoshamans.

As has been oft quoted: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."

I have done tech support, help desk, programming, you name it, someone will pay me to do it. It never ceases to amaze me that people have literally no idea what it is that they are doing with their computers. Your average person may as well be chanting incantations and waving their hands in complicated patterns.

This is actually the impetus for my alias.

Our knowledge (that of geeks in general) is so esoteric to most people that they are forced to believe anything we say because they can not refute it. This may make many meetings go a lot quicker, but in the long run may hamper what we want to do.

You see, geeks don't usually get to make the big money decisions. The shaman has to do what his pointy-haired-warlord demands. Until we can actually take control, we will simply have to begin devising the proper rituals of worship.

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