Religious worship is the silliest idea I have ever been forced to watch millions, perhaps billions, waste their time at. Just a little intelligent thought instead of dogmatic faith and they could be doing something useful with their time, like feeding the homeless or saving the whales.

What in the world would god(s) want with us worshipping them? If there is any chance that god(s) exist, I could only believe them to be as the one represented in Monty Python and the Holy Grail - frustrated by copious groveling.

Why would god(s) want us to worship them? I am disgusted with the petty need some superficial humans have for inferiors to grovel at their feet to maintain their self esteem. If they really were superior, people would respect them, not kiss their feet like a bunch of 13 year old NSync fans.

And I think we can assume that god would, being god, not have such low self-esteem as to create a billions of minions just to worship himself.

God creating people to worship him would be like me creating, compiling, and running this program:

void main()
  print("Praise ukyoCE\n");
  print("ukyoCE is my Lord\n");

You know what I would think of anyone, human or god, who would do such a thing?

What a loser.

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