this is a simple personal rule i unfortunately tend to apply at large. without getting into the questionable wisdom of applying personal rules of conduct to society at large, the rule is as follows.

when initiating a conversation about your personal religious convictions, stop briefly and ask yourself a few simple questions; would i feel comfortable discussing my sexual interests and practices with this person? would this person want to hear about my sex life if i did?

the parallels between the two conversations are significant. i don't want to hear about what happens in most people's bedrooms. i certainly would find detailed descriptions of the average American sexual encounter distasteful. the exceptions being my close personal friends and highly oblique conversations with associates.

honestly, i'm excited that you're pursuing your own personal satisfaction and happiness. i will vote, argue, donate, and ultimately fight for your right to get a rimjob from a multi-ethnic team of strapping young men while hanging by your ankles from the ceiling. spank, fist, cut, whip, sodimize, and filate yourself to your heart's content in the privacy of your own home. if you feel the need, seek out other like-minded individuals and celebrate your habits. as long as consenting adults are involved and no animals are mistreated, i'm happy for you.

just don't fucking accost me on the street and try to tell me how great it is.

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