When a teacher proceeds to teach certain topics because they are on a test, usually one required by the government for students to pass, and the school's funding is based on how many pass. They direct all learning so that as many students as possible know not only the ideas and concepts that the test is designed to check, but the procedures, and sometimes specific problems that are on the test.

Discourages any deviation in the topic, and sometimes classes can get caught up in taking practice tests for this required test, instead of learning additional ideas and concepts, because the school must concern itself with keeping as much funding as possible because there is such a lack of funds for education.

Solving the education problem is no problem what-so-ever. Yes, it will require an increase in funds for education, but what doesn't?

It's simple. Teachers are now required to do more than disseminate information. Because of the break-down of the typical family unit (and the lack of catching up socially to this new living arrangements), certain values and concepts just aren't being taught (or they aren't sticking). Because teachers were already teaching children, the task unconsciously and automatically fell to them.

Whether this is fair or not is moot; that's the way it is. What we need to do then is recognize this. And then throw lots of money at it. Quadruple the number of teachers would be the best start as well as raising their salary (you have to give them an incentive; the possibility of being shot by someone you just flunked isn't the draw it used to be) and increasing the facilities. By increasing the pay rate, you will actually increase competition for teaching positions (like PhDs at Universities) which will increase teacher quality. Of course, having the income of a teacher being able to support a family would probably be the only incentive you need.

A teacher with adequate supplies (the average teacher spends $500 per year out-of-pocket for classroom basics such as paper, pencils, erasers and the like) and a class of five students could do wonders. Just imagine that level of personal attention!

But it will cost money; much more than what is currently spent. You would think people would realize this all by now, but as a recently read author stated, "Hydrogen and Stupidity are the two most common elements in the Universe".

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