Term used for when college basketball fans spontaneously swarm onto the basketball court immediately following their team's victory. It's a form of celebration and allows fans to high-five or hug or grope their heroes who are still on the court at the time.

In the past, this has been reserved for important wins, such as a team winning the NCAA or conference championship, or a stunning upset by a lesser team over a national powerhouse.

However, in the recent past, it's become fairly common, due to the "ESPNization" of sports. Fans want to appear on camera and show up in the highlights of Sportscenter. This leads to fans storming the court during minor games (such as the one I just watched between Connecticut and Seton Hall. Neither team was in the Top 25 and the game's significance was fairly minor. This didn't stop Seton Hall "fans" from storming the court after their "momentous" win.)

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